COVID-19 continues to be topic of choice for NDP in Question Period

The provincial government’s actions on COVID-19 have been once again brought forward during Question Period.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili accused the Premier once again of playing political games during the pandemic. Meili says the Premier’s actions have been unfair to children.

Premier Scott Moe fired back with accusations of his own after the NDP brought forward a motion to enact all of the Medical Health Officer’s recommendations, including mandatory vaccines for vaccine-eligible children in schools. Moe says those measures would have effectively kicked unvaccinated children out of school, something the SaskParty has no interest in doing.

Meili countered saying the NDP are ready to have that debate, adding Saskatchewan has the worst COVID death rate and the worst vaccine rate in the country thanks to inaction from the provincial government.

Meili also pushed the government on surgery delays due to COVID-19. While the province continues to say 88 percent of surgeries this year have gone ahead, Meili says there’s no clear exact number on how many surgeries have been delayed from the province.

Health Minister Paul Merriman says that’s because the number changes every day, adding 88 percent is a major feat of its own during a pandemic.

When asked about health professionals who have had to start contact tracing thanks to the fourth wave of the pandemic, Merriman says work is underway to return those 35 staff members to their positions by Remembrance Day.

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