SGI focusing on winter driving and intersection safety during November

With cold and snowy weather just around the corner in Saskatchewan, SGI is focusing on winter driving and intersection safety as apart of its November Traffic Safety Spotlight.

Before heading out the on road, they advise individuals take a look at the daily forecast to get an expectation of what weather conditions they could face.

Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy says drivers should allow for some extra space between other vehicles when travelling. “We talk about three seconds when it’s ideal driving conditions but when we are talking about winter driving conditions when there is snow and ice, when your traction on the road is comprised, stretch it out to five or six gives yourself plenty time to stop.”

Visibility is important for ourselves and for other drivers when heading out on the road according to McMurchy. “Making sure that your vehicles windows are fully cleaned off not just that porthole at the front so you can see straight out the front but seeing around you as well, the full windshield back, front and the windows on the side are cleared off, brushing off your tail lights and your head lights so you can be seen out that as well.”

Drivers should be gentle during the winter season whether it’s applying the brakes before the intersection or accelerating through.

Winter tires can be very valuable during the season as well, it’s recommended that the motorists make the switch to winter tires when temperatures drop below 7 C. McMurchy says we shouldn’t wait for the first snowfall of the year before making the change to winter tires so we should be planning ahead and making an appointment to make the conversion.

A presentation was made in front of the intersection of Dewdney Avenue and Lewvan Drive on Monday morning, according to SGI about 40 collisions happen each year inside of the intersection.

Motorists who fail to stop or yield properly at intersections could face a ticket of $230.

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