Kram calling for bans to be lifted at YQR International Airport

All international flights should be cleared for takeoff at the Regina International Airport according to Regina-Wascana MP Michael Kram.

Kram says that there is no reason for the current international flight ban at the YQR Airport. He noted that the airport is well equipped to handle the COVID screening requirements. “They have rapid testing, they have PCR testing. antigen testing at the facility right now. ” Kram added “We also have Canadian Border Service agents front desk at the airport right now, the only additional measures that needs to be placed is to check their vaccination status and their COVID status.”

The demand is strong from Regina residents to travel internationally throughout the winter according to Kram, he noted that there have been several inquires into warmer destinations to places like Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. He also said that the international flight ban has caused significant damage to local economy, causing disruptions for business travellers, local travel agents and increasing the cost of importing goods to the city.

The Regina-Wascana MP noted that this is an issue he would be bringing to parliament if it were in session. “I would be raising this matter in parliament right now if parliament were sitting but it’s unfortunate that Mr. Trudeau wanted to take two months off between the election and the resumption of parliament. ”

Parliament is scheduled to resume on November 22.

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