Dr. Shahab hopeful it’s another safe Halloween in Saskatchewan

Children will be busy filling their trick-or-treat bags with candy tomorrow, as Halloween returns for another year.

Chief Health Medical Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab, says that even with Saskatchewan in the middle of the fourth wave of the pandemic, children should still be able to enjoy a safe and fun evening of trick-or-treating.

Shahab says there’s a few guidelines everyone should follow. “Children should go in small groups, mostly household groups. They can wear masks, I think that’s an extra layer of protection as apart of the costume and otherwise wait for one group of children to leave the doorway and give them space before going up to knock on the door,” he said.

There’s a couple of things that people should keep in mind if they plan on handing out candy according to Shahab “Households who are participating who choose to give individually packed groups of candy using a tong to maintain physical distancing, obviously anyone handing out candy should be wearing a mask.”

With no official restrictions on gatherings, many people may partake in parties throughout the weekend. The Chief Medical Health Officer says there a couple of things people should keep in mind if they plan on attending a party this weekend. “Young people planning an event, I think stick to your small consistent friends, even keep it outdoors as much as possible or go to a venue with proof of vaccination.”

Shahab noted that it was a safe Halloween last year because everyone followed along with the guidelines and is hopeful that will occur once again this year.

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