Vaccines mandates debated in Question Period

The Saskatchewan Party and the Provincial NDP’s are on the opposite ends when it comes to the requirement of vaccination.

The provincial NDP believe that vaccines should be mandated for public service workers.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili believes the provincial government should take the advice of the public health experts in the province. “Legitimate medical exemptions need to be honoured we need to make sure that we work with people, give people the window if they’re making a change so they can take those actions. I think we need to listen to the public health experts, not doing that has been too deadly for too many months.

Premier Scott Moe is encouraging every resident in the province to get their vaccination but still believes it should be an individual choice and not mandated. “The proof of negative test is there for a reason to ensure that we have safe workplaces but the proof of vaccination policy is there as well to encourage for people to go out and ultimately get vaccinated but not mandate them ”

Public health experts in the province recently sent a letter to the provincial government including for tighter restrictions on vaccination mandates for public service workers and that is something the provincial government will disagree on according tp the Premier as he still believes it’s an individual choice to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The NDP would mandate vaccines for the entire public service” Premier Moe says, ” We feel there should be the option of a negative test.”

The fall sitting of the legislature will resume on Monday.



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