Providing indoor housing for Camp Marjorie residents goal for Sask government and City of Regina

As evident by the rally in front of the legislature on Wednesday, there has been growing outcry to end the Saskatchewan Income Support program.

So far the Saskatchewan Party has resisted the notion of eliminating it.

Social Services Minister Lori Carr says it’s too early to say the SIS Program is a failure since it was only introduced in September. “We’re monitoring what’s happening, we’re working with landlords, we’re asking for information on clients who maybe behind and we’re trying to get those clients back on track. We realized that some individuals may not be able to take of that on their own and we’re willing to do that work for them.”

The provincial opposition NDP have called for an end to the SIS program and for the Sask. government to work on a strategy to connect those in need of shelter and support before winter.

With winter fast approaching, there is a growing need to put an end to Camp Marjorie.

There have been over 170 individuals who have relied on Camp Marjorie over the last couple of weeks.

Carr says they are working to make sure no one has to spend the winter nights at Camp Marjorie. “We’re trying to track down a location indoors that we can move some of those camp residents. She added “We have been successful finding housing for five individuals so far and we have 30 applications on the go so there is some work being done and some success happening.”

Regina Mayor Sandra Masters said discussions are continuing to move residents into an indoor facility and added all options are being considered.

Washrooms, showers, food service are some the requirements that are needed according to Masters.

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