FSIN elections happening Thursday

The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations is holding an election Thursday. All five of the FSIN Executive positions are open which include Chief, Office of the First Vice Chief, Office of the Second Vice Chief, Office of the Third Vice Chief and Office of the Fourth Vice Chief.

Current FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron is seeking re-election. He is up against former FSIN Vice-Chief Robert Merasty. In total 13 eligible candidates are on the ballot.

Thursday’s election will go ahead despite allegations against the FSIN, the FSIN Credential Committee and the Electoral Officials from a few candidates who were deemed ineligible to run.

A news release from the FSIN says, “Those issues were further exacerbated by members of the FSIN Senate. The actions of these candidates and those members of the Senate is an attempt to subvert the resolutions and legislation of the FSIN Chiefs-in-Assembly.”

The FSIN says the current 13 candidates running all provided the required documents including criminal record documents by the deadline and that the allegations against them from the ineligible candidates were false.

Bobby Cameron has been chief since he was first elected back in 2015.


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