Saskatoon Man Claims $55 Million LottoMax Jackpot

It took only eight days for Matthew Poppel to collect the second largest lottery prize in Saskatchewan history.

He had joked with a friend about winning the jackpot before checking his three tickets on the Lotto Spot app later in the day.

“The first one didn’t win anything, the second one won a Free Play and the last one said 55 followed by a bunch of zeroes,” Poppel said. “I thought the app was just telling me the winning amount, not that my ticket had won that amount”

Matthew will take some time deciding what to do with the windfall, but he does have a couple of ideas for the immediate future.

“Whenever I thought about winning the lottery in the past, I’ve thought about what I would do if I won $1 million,” he said. “I wouldn’t be able to retire on that, but I could help my parent to retire and I could help some people who are in a tough spot.”

“Well now I can help all of those people and my parents and my kids and myself,” he continued. “I can really help people now”.

Poppel is also thinking about possibly buying a luxury vehicle. The winning ticket was purchased at Pinnacle Gas & Food on Faithfull Avenue.

There is only one larger Saskatchewan lottery prize—-$60 million won by a Neville resident in August 2016.


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