Saskatchewan preparing for rollout of vaccine for children 5-11

The Saskatchewan Government is hoping that sometime in early November they can begin to administer COVID vaccines for children age 5-11.

The province announced their vaccine rollout plan in anticipation of approval from Health Canada in the near future.

112,000 doses of the vaccine are expected to arrive in Saskatchewan sometime in early to mid November depending upon approval.

Vaccine Chief Shelia Anderson says vaccines clinics for children will allow parents to be present with their children to provide support. “We want to ensure that parents and guardians their family members can come right into the vaccination area. We ensure that mom or dad or others can give a hug for the kids and can help support them, we’ll make sure our clinical visits are longer.”

Therapy dogs may also be on hand and clinical experts will also be present to answer questions when they get the vaccine.

A consent form will be required from parents in order for their child to receive a vaccine dose.

Dr. Tania Diener , says although it’s true that children are less likely to have serious illness from COVID-19, they can still end up in the hospital, leading to deaths in some children with other underlying conditions.

The vaccine for younger children is a different formulation which can be kept in the fridge longer and it’s a slightly smaller dose.

The SHA is planning to allow COVID-19 and flu vaccines to be administered at the same time for children, if their parents chose to go with that option. You can not book an appointment for a vaccine appointment for children 5-11 since the vaccine hasn’t been approved, but once the vaccine does receive approval the SHA will begin to accept appointment bookings.

Vaccine clinics will be offered where children learn, live and play such as libraries, learning centres , community centres , and sports centres. The SHA is currently planning to hold 190 clinics in 100 different communities throughout Saskatchewan.

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