Haywest program moves truckloads of hay from Ontario to Saskatchewan

The Mennonite Disaster service says loads of hay from Ontario have arrived in Saskatchewan to help drought stricken farmers.

The service says hay prices have jumped from 70 dollars a bale to as much as 300 dollars and farmers can’t afford the skyrocketing price.

The Mennonite Disaster Service has launched the hay west project, which finds farmers in Ontario donating hay to help producers in Saskatchewan.

The project started in September with a goal to send 50 truckloads of donated hay from Ontario to Saskatchewan.

To date, 10 truckloads have been donated and six have been shipped.

A total of 50 farmers in Saskatchewan have applied for donated hay, which they can purchase at pre-drought prices to help with transportation costs.

An application form for hay can be found at the mennonite haywest website or call Daryl Buechert at 306-717-3987 or Ike Epp at 306-342-7921.

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