New area code coming to Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan will be adding a new area code. Beginning in the early part of 2022, 474 will become the third area code used in the province along with the digits, 306 and 639.

While the 306 area has been around for decades in the province, it didn’t take the province long to go through the 639 code according to Sasktel’s Lindsay Mazenc. “2012 was when we saw the introduction of 639, so it took us nine years. I guess that goes to show that there’s definitely an increase in demand.”

Mazenc says one thing people should know is that this area code will be province-wide and that those who get the first 474 numbers won’t be SaskTel customers but those who subscribe to another phone provider.

The 474 area code came into effect at the beginning of October but there are currently no numbers assigned to the 474 area code.

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