SGI focuses on impaired driving and school zone speeding in September

SGI had twin traffic safety spotlights in September, impaired driving and school zone speeding.

The insurance company’s Tyler McMurchy says impaired driving was the primary focus, with 494 being caught.

“The vast majority of those were criminal code offences and there were also 126 road side administrated suspensions included in that as well.”

When it comes to school zone speeding, McMurchy says 611 tickets were handed out.

“These are areas that are well-marked with a speed limit that helps keep children safe,” McMurchy said. “We need to think of those kids and take a few extra seconds to keep them safe by slowing down and of course paying attention — especially when those school zones are active.’

In all, 6,307 total tickets were issued for speeding or aggressive driving on Saskatchewan’s roads and highways.

McMurchy says it’s rare, but not uncommon, to have two spotlights in the same month.


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