Lotto Max winning ticket holder has not come forward yet

The $55-million Lotto Max winner whose ticket was bought in Saskatoon for Tuesday night’s draw has yet to come forward to Western Canada Lotteries. Spokesperson Kevin Vanegdom says that’s not unusual, though. Some people eagerly check their tickets right after a draw, while others may wait.

He describes a lottery ticket as just a piece of paper, until it’s not. Vanegdom says some people keep tickets in their wallet, others have used them as a bookmark, or a bunch of them are stored in the glove compartment and then checked all at once.

The $55-million winner may not know yet they have won, or Vanegdom suggests, they could be taking some time to figure out what the jackpot is going to mean to them. His advice for any big ticket winner is to contact Western Canada Lotteries as quickly as possible, so that valuable piece of paper can be handed over.


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