Macabre Museum exhibit returns to RCMP Heritage Centre

The Macabre Museum exhibit has returned to the RCMP Heritage Centre after being absent in 2020 due to COVID-19.

The exhibit showcases artifacts and evidence from the most notorious crimes in Canadian history.

Many of the featured artifacts in the exhibit were either confiscated from prisoners or donated by the court system or an RCMP detachment. Some of the crimes and artifacts that will be on display include Benito Bandits death masks, firearms from the 1956 Coquitlam Royal Bank robbery during which RCMP Constable Bud Johnstone was shot eight times and survived. Also on display are bullets and ballistics reports from the 1933 murder of William J. Parsille in the village of Mannville, Alberta, a case that turned into a cross-border manhunt and was solved using ballistics evidence from the scene and another location.

Eskritt is hoping that visitors have an educational experience when visiting the Macabre Museum. “I hope they learn a little about the work police put into solving criminal cases, so I hope they get a little past the headlines appreciate a little more of the effort and work that is put into solving these cases and see things from a police perspective.”

The exhibit does contain some unsettling material and may not be appropriate for younger children.

The Macabre museum exhibit will be on display until November 7.

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