Waste Reduction Week in Regina

This week has been recognized as Waste Reduction Week in Regina.

It’s the opportunity for residents to look at how waste is created in the household and to identify opportunities on how to reduce and reuse waste before recycling.

Janet Aird with the City of Regina, says there are a lot of examples of reusable items in the home.  “Things we use often but just once include Coffee cups when you go to pick up a coffee, so getting a reusable coffee cup or a water bottle is a great idea. Aird adds another idea is by exchanging the plastic wrap that you put on foods for beeswax wrap that can be used multiple times.

The upcoming plastic checkout bag ban is coming into effect in February 2022, Aird says switching out plastic bags with reusable bags is a great way to cut down on waste.

The City of Regina will be hosting a couple events to promote Waste Reduction Week.

They will be hosting an interactive Waste Reduction Quiz night tomorrow, to participate you can visit regina.ca/recycling101.

They will also have a repair cafe at South Leisure Neighbourhood Centre with volunteers experts on hand to fix a variety of items.

Aird also says that if anyone is looking for more tips on waste reduction they can visit regina.ca/reduce.

There will be going discussion on social media this week about waste reduction, you can use the #choosetoreduce to join in the conservation.

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