Accuweather warns of bitterly cold prairie winter

The latest forecast from Accuweather says the Canadian prairies could see a bitterly cold winter.

The La Nina weather pattern has formed in the Pacific, which means colder than average and stormy weather.

This is due to an amplified polar jet stream, which can usher in colder air and more frequent storms.

In Saskatchewan, the Accuweather forecast says the polar vortex could be displaced from its normal area above the North Pole and plunge south from time to time.

As we had last February with a La Nina pattern, it can make for a bitter few weeks.

Accuweather meteorologist Brett Anderson says there may be at least 3 extreme blasts of bitterly cold air dropping into the southern prairies this winter, with temperatures below minus 30 degrees.

He says the winter will be about 2 degrees colder than average for the southern prairies, and likely the coldest winter since 2014.

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