Carry The Kettle First Nation says Elders claims of financial mismanagement and debt untrue

Carry The Kettle First Nation says claims by Elders that regular audits have not been done for over three years, and that debt may be in excess of $100-million, is completely untrue.

This stems from a protest held on Wednesday and a story that ran on 620 CKRM Friday morning regarding claims of mismanagement from members of the First Nation about the current Chief and Council.

According to a news release from the Carry the Kettle First Nation, a group of ten protesters blocked the roadway leading into the Band Administration office, and some members also entered the Band office unlawfully before the hours of operation.

It is the Chief and Council’s understanding the protesters are upset about the newly passed and implemented Land Management Bylaw, which according to First Nation administration, governs agricultural lands on the reserve.

When Chief and Council approached the File Hills First Nations Police Service about the protest, the FHFNPS advised them the bylaw would not be enforced without a Court Order. An emergency interim injunction was obtained in the Court of Queen’s Bench “in order to protect the security of the Band Administration office and ensure ongoing operation of essential services on Carry the Kettle First Nation.”

This matter will reportedly return to court next week.

Carry the Kettle First Nation also disputes claims that regular audits are not completed. The news release indicates audits are posted on the First Nation’s website. They also dispute claims about their level of debt.

Claims that the protesters were made up of Elders is also reportedly false according to the First Nation, adding it was a group of a “small minority” of community members, with only a “couple” of Elders.

The news release concludes by stating the Chief and Council are committed to “ongoing consultation and discussion with its membership, including the protesters, and have since had meetings with the protesters to discuss their concerns.” Chief and Council have also reportedly committed to meeting with the First Nation’s Elders Group over the weekend to discuss these issues and reach a consensus within the First Nation.

620 CKRM is awaiting comment from Chief Brady O’Watch

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