Marsh set to retire as President and CEO of SaskPower

There will soon be a change at the top of Saskpower.

Mike Marsh announced he will be stepping down as President and CEO after 7 years at the position. Marsh has been with SaskPower for 30 years. He originally started with SaskPower as plant engineer at Boundary Dam in Estevan in 1991.

Several infrastructure projects happened under Marsh watch, including the Carbon Capture station at Boundary Dam in Estevan. Marsh is happy that those projects and others happened without a heavy rate increase. “We’ve done this keeping rates moderate to low, nobody likes a rate increase we’ve managed to carve out a lot of our costs internally as well and we’ve managed to not have a rate increase in the last three years.”

Another highlight for Marsh during his time with Saskpower, was the growth and increased infrastructure into the electrical grid. He recently oversaw the initiation of SaskPower’s grid modernization initiative.

Marsh also led the transition towards more emissions-free power generation with eight renewable projects currently underway and also was at the helm of SaskPower during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The success of a company like SaskPower can be credited to employees at all levels according to Marsh. “It takes a dedicated team of leaders both at the executive and the various levels of the company and all the workers out there that work to support our customers like you and me each and everyday, they often go unrecognized unless there’s a power outage or storm or something and certainly they get the recognition there.”

The search to select a new President and CEO will be led by the SaskPower Board of Directors and will being in the coming weeks.

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