U.S. land and sea borders re-opening in November for non essential travel

Fully vaccinated Canadian and Mexican non-essential travelers will once again be able to drive or take a ferry into the United States come November.

On Tuesday, the White House announced the United States’ land and sea borders will re-open to fully vaccinated travelers next month, after being closed since March of 2020.

An exact date for the re-opening has not yet been determined.

Details, including what form of documentations needed are also still being discussed.

Guidance also still needs to come from the Centers for Disease Control in regards to those who received mixed doses of COVID-19 vaccines, or the AstraZeneca shot.

The U.S. has not approved mixing vaccine doses, or the AstraZeneca vaccine for its own citizens.

Americans who are fully vaccinated, have been allowed to enter Canada for non essential travel since August.


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