New survey shows consumer confidence in Canadian farm production

Tuesday October 12 was National Farmers Day and Climate Corporation has released an Angus Reid report.

The report reveals a high level of trust in Canadian farmers with three in four Canadians confident in farmers ability to meet Canada’s food demand.

The confidence was strongest in Saskatchewan and Manitoba at 93 percent, followed by Alberta at 84 percent.

The consumer confidence in farmers was lower in B.C. at 68 percent and Quebec at 71 percent.

Ontario is 78 percent.

Substantially more Canadians gained respect for Canadian agriculture during the pandemic than lost it, with nearly two-thirds saying they now have more appreciation for the industry, particularly in the area of domestic food security.

Climate Corporation spokesman Marvin Talsma says confidence in farming is generally high but public knowledge of the agriculture industry remains low and he wants to change that.

He says there is an outdated view of agriculture, with only 12 percent of Canadians who see agriculture as more innovative than other industries.

He says the public does not realize the amount of innovation and adoption of technology on Canadian farms.

On farms with 10 thousand acres of cropland, 94 percent used automated steering, and 97 percent use GPS.

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