Meili baffled that Sask. Government has not asked for federal assistance

The provincial NDP believe not enough action is being taken right now by the provincial government to handle the fourth wave of the pandemic.

NDP leader Ryan Meili says now is the time for the Saskatchewan government to seek help from federal government.

Meili says the Premier is underestimating the impact of the federal government’s assistance for the province.” There is more help from the federal government, Scott Moe hasn’t told us what he asked for, he hasn’t told us what is available. I do not believe that he is being honest with us when he says that it would not be impactful and we should be every bit of care we can get.”

The lack of request to Ottawa is an example of Premier Moe choosing his own politics over the people of the province according to Meili. “The federal government has made it clear that help is here and ready and they’re refusing to ask. Instead of helping, this Premier is hiding, hiding from media, hiding from us in our position, hiding from you, hiding from the entire population.”

With ICU numbers in Saskatchewan starting to beyond full capacity, the province is discussing about the possibility of sending ICU patients to Ontario if the numbers continue to rise. The NDP leader says that sending ICU patients out of province shouldn’t have happened in the first place. “We should have been ready for this and working to prevent the spread of COVID-19 so we didn’t overrun our hospitals, to staff up tracing and testing, to staff up in our ICUs, but the fact is we’ve seen this coming weeks, the modeling has been there for weeks.”

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