Canada Post honours former LP editorial cartoonist with a stamp

Canada Post is recognizing five editorial cartoonists with stamps and one of them has a local flavour.

Brian Gable is now the editorial cartoonist for the Globe and Mail, but back in the 80’s he spent seven years with the Regina Leader-Post.

He is humbled by the honor.

“There was utter shock and disbelief when I heard about it.” Gable said. “Among the things that is so terrific about this is that editorial cartooning every once in a while can use a nudge to show people its an important part of life.”

Gable spent a lot of time in school doodling and after being urged to do so by a classmate, he sent some of his work to the university newspaper leading him to the career he has now. While it is a job that he has had a passion for for 40 years. he admits in a day and age where the slightest little thing can be found as offensive, the work has become challenging.

“There are some things that are not to be laughed at.  They are found to be sacred, but I think those are things that do need to be laughed at, talked about and explored.” Gable said. “There are people out there who can be triggered with outrage with any one given thing.  I don’t let it stop me very often from saying things, but I admit we do have to be careful about it because it can restrict public discourse and public discourse is profoundly important in a democracy.  You have to have it.”

When it comes to being a good editorial cartoonist, Gable is quick to answer.

“You have to be able to communicate an idea in about three seconds because that is how long it takes for people to absorb the image they have been shown.” Gable said. “Personally, I put a high premium on wanting to leave people with a laugh even if its about the most pompous politician out there or a situation where people need a laugh or some deep thought.”

Another cartoonist being recognized is Bruce McKinnon. His stamp is one commemorating the support given to the Humboldt Broncos and Saskatchewan after the tragic bus crash in 2018

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