City of Regina warns of potential clogs in sewer lines from fat and cooking oil

Fat, oil, and grease from cooking is known to cause blockages in sewer systems if it finds it’s way down a residential drain, so the City of Regina is reminding residents of their “Prevent the Plug” program.

It comes after thousands of Moose Jaw residents almost experienced sewer backups after a two-foot “Fatberg” was cleared from their system’s lines.

Spokesperson for the City of Regina Helene Henning-Hill, says even things like false teeth, rubber gloves, children’s toys, and hair have been known to get flushed and cause clogs as well.

“When you add all that to a bit of fat, or maybe even some tree roots that have gotten into lines in some of the older more treed in areas of the city, there’s the potential to set up a plug and then we end up having backups, which obviously no one wants,” she said.

Henning-Hill said the City does have crews on standby in case there is a blockage reported to them, but adds it could take years for those blockages to build up enough to wreak havoc, making them even more difficult to remove.

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