Regina Police say almost 90 percent of employees are fully vaccinated for COVID-19

Regina Police have announced that as of October 4, all employees have been required to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or submit to negative testing at the start of their work week.

In a release RPS said that nearly 90 percent of its employees, both civilian and sworn members, are fully vaccinated.

They also pointed out the percentage of RPS employees who are fully vaccinated is significantly higher than the percentage of the province’s population who are fully vaccinated.

The requirement to submit to rapid-testing or submit proof of double-vaccination was a decision by the Regina Police Service Executive Team after consultation with the Regina Police Association.

Other measures in place to keep people safe include:
– Any members of the public entering our Headquarters building are asked the standard COVID questions and required to wear masks.
– All employees in the Headquarters building are required to wear masks in meetings and when moving outside of their immediate work space and around the building.
– Our police officers who have contact with the public in the community have been practicing, and continue to practice, recommended strategies such as distancing, masking, or full PPE, depending on the situation.

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