2021 Rider Plaza of Honour Inductees recognized at special dinner in support of Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation

It’s Plaza of Honour weekend in Riderville.

Thursday night the class of 2021 was recognized at a special fundraising dinner in support of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation.

This year’s inductees are former Canadian receivers Andy Fantuz and Chris Getzlaf, along with Gabe Patterson, who gets inducted posthumously, as he passed away in 1991. Patterson is widely recognized as the first Black star player for the Riders.

Former Riders running back Wes Cates accepted on Patterson’s behalf.

Harvard Media Owner Paul Hill, gets inducted into the builders category.

Hill spent more than 22 years on the Club’s Board and Management Council, and is also a life-long fan.


Fantuz spoke at the dinner Thursday night, and said he still remains thankful to be drafted by the green and white in 2006.

“I consider myself lucky to have been selected by Danney Barrett and Roy Shivers back in 2006,” Fantuz said. “Since then my family and I have been able to be part of a special community that can’t really be understood unless you’re in it,” he added.

Regina’s Chris Getzlaf is the other more recent player inducted this year, he talked about the bond he shared with teammates and how a special core group of players helped shape his career.

“It’s a special bond we created, getting a chance to play and grow together for so many years with one organization,” Getzlaf said. “It’s rare for so many players to enter into the league in a short period of time and be able to share the field for as long as we did, and have all that success,” Getzlaf added.

Both Fantuz and Getzlaf were part of the famous “Canadian Air Force”. The group was made up of four national receivers, including Fantuz, and Getzlaf, along with Jason Clermont and Rob Bagg.

The 2021 inductees will also be recognized during half-time at Saturday’s game against Calgary.


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