Final crop report of the season says Sask harvest reaches 99 percent complete

Harvest has reached 99 percent complete across Saskatchewan.

Provincial crops extension specialist Matt Struthers says combining is well ahead of the 5 year average of 79 percent for this date.

He says crop yields varied greatly, depending on the moisture.

Overall, yields are well below average due to widespread drought.

Average yields this year are 30 bushels an acre for spring wheat, 19 bushels for durum, 49 bushels for oats, 34 bushels for barley, 21 bushels for canola, 22 bushels for peas and 870 pounds per acre for lentils.

Moisture conditions remain a concern, with below normal rainfall and dry dry windy weather.

Cropland topsoil moisture rating is 12 percent adequate, 43 percent short and 45 percent very short.

He says significant precipitation is needed this fall and winter to replenish soil moisture and dugouts.

Average hay yields are .55 tons per acre for tame hay and .79 tons for alfalfa.

Many areas of the province will not have adequate livestock feed supplies and shortages are expected.

There are also concerns about livestock water supplies.

The dry field conditions have resulted in fewer acres of fall rye and winter wheat.

The province estimates winter wheat acres are down 17 percent this season and fall rye has dropped 12 percent.

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