Regina police say there have not been many disturbances relating to proof-of-vaccination policy

Since a proof-of-vaccination policy was put into existence on October 1, Regina police say they haven’t had to deal with many situations at businesses where you need to show you are fully vaccinated in order to enter.

Police say they have been to a couple of places since the policy was put into effect after receiving calls

  • Oct. 1st – person protesting at a school in afternoon.  Left of his own accord.
  • Oct. 2nd – two people refusing to leave a branch of the Regina Public library after refusing to wear masks.  They left before officers arrived, so the call for service was cancelled.
  • Oct. 2nd – City Hall, outdoors.  Group of 10-12 protestors who were stepping into the roadway causing concern for their safety.  We sent officers who spoke with the group and got them away from the sidewalks and street.
  • Oct. 2nd – group of three people at a movie theatre who refused to provide any documentation.  Call for service cancelled because they left on their own.
  • Oct. 5th – 1:30 a.m. male at a liquor establishment refusing to leave and being argumentative with staff.  He left of his own accord, without incident.

RPS adds they have had 11 calls about people not wearing masks.  Those issuing the complaint were told to contact the Saskatchewan Health Authority.

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