Celebrating Regina’s good is purpose of new website

A new website and campaign has been launched by the Regina and District Chamber of Commerce.  One that they hope can clear up some misconceptions about our city and one where the contributions that are made to the city by many are recognized locally, nationally and globally.

Why Regina is a website that highlights all that is great about Regina, ranging from agriculture to mining and energy to tech startups to the diverse and unique things the city has to offer.

Chamber spokesperson Nicole Shepherd says this is an opportunity to boast about how good Regina is to both those who live in and around the city and those who don’t.

“I think for anyone who lives in and around Regina, we want to remind them and invite them to re-introduce themselves to our city.” Shepherd says. “For everyone outside of the city, we want them to know how great Regina is and how many great things we have here.”

The campaign echoes a lot of the old “I Love Regina” initiative made famous by Pat Fiacco when he served as mayor.  Shepherd says that program was something that was strong and well-recognized in and out of the community and that this is another opportunity to show off Regina and to stop being so humble about it.

“That is one of the things we wanted to do.  We spent a lot of time digging up the facts about why we are great and we don’t celebrate it enough. “Shepherd said. “We are a very humble community and we often compare ourselves to bigger cities. We need to remind ourselves that we can compete on that scale when it comes to what we provide and have a lot of great things that a smaller city can offer.”


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