NDP would like to see gathering limits for indoor events ahead of Thanksgiving weekend

With the Thanksgiving long weekend just around the corner, the provincial NDP believes it’s not too late too impose limits on indoor public and private events.

After the increase of COVID cases in the province after the 2020 Thanksgiving and 2021 Easter holidays, NDP leader Ryan Meili believes something needs to be done now.

Meili says the medical experts in the province recommend that action needs to be taken. “Dr. Neudorf, the public experts in health making it clear that this has too happen. SMA, CMA, SUN all these folks know what they’re talking about, even Dr. Shahab is sitting there besides the Health Minister saying we need to do more, we need to talk about limiting gathering sizes and the Health Minister it’s like la la la I can’t hear you.”

Even though many people are frustrated about the possibility of not spending another holiday with their loved ones, Meili believes the people of Saskatchewan would abide by the restrictions if they were put into place. The NDP leader adds that it shouldn’t be up to the people of Saskatchewan to make the tough decision of not visiting their relatives during the long weekend.

With the rising number of COVID cases and hospitalizations that occurred after the 2020 Thanksgiving and 2021 Easter long weekends, the Saskatchewan government would be providing a much needed boost for healthcare workers in the province according to the NDP leader. “It also sends that key message to the health care workers who are burning out and giving every thing they can on the frontlines, Meili added What we’ve heard from Scott Moe so far when it comes to healthcare workers is, do more, criticizing them for not speaking up not enough and he has been ignoring their voices.”

The provincial government stated in a release from earlier this afternoon says that residents of the province should be taking extra precautions this weekend but did not implement any kind of limitation on the size of gatherings. The provincial government advises the citizens of Saskatchewan to meet outside as much as possible. They also said if anybody decides to gather indoors, people should be aware of the vaccination status of their guests and remind the public that children under the age of 12 are at an increased risk since they are not eligible for the vaccination at this time.

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