Businesses still looking for clarity from Sask. Government according to provincial opposition

The provincial opposition are saying businesses are still confused on the details from the latest public health order.

Economy Critic Alena Young says businesses were frustrated with many of the changes that were installed last week.

She says the government haven’t provided enough clarity to the business community. “Businesses who are frustrated that they don’t know whether if they are a fast food establishment or if they are a café? Are they checking for QR codes or are they not? Are their patrons having to be vaccinated or staff do not? And people are tired and people are disappointed.”

Along with the lack of clarity from the public health order, Young is frustrated by the provincial government withholding information about their plans on dealing with the fourth wave of the  COVID-19 pandemic. “Release the numbers, releasing the modelling, give businesses who have bourne so much, give workers who are on the frontlines on this fourth wave and give families depending on those businesses for a pay cheque, the clarity and the notice that they need to plan and survive the fourth wave.”

Last weekend was the beginning of the vaccine passport program in the province, Young says while there are a lot of thoughtful individuals in the province who were respectful, there were others who took advantage of the gaps in the public health order left by the provincial government. “We do have people who are embolden by the government’s lack of leadership, who take every hole in public health order, who take every opportunity to seize on the chaos that this government has created.”


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