SGI’s October Traffic safety Spotlight focusing on distracted driving

SGI’s October traffic safety focus is on distracted driving.

Spokesperson Tyler McMurchy, says an average of 877 people have been injured each year in collisions caused by driver distraction and inattention on Saskatchewan roads.

“Those collisions also caused an average of 26 fatalities per year, McMurchy said. “So that’s much higher than average, in fact it’s one of the leading causes of fatalities in addition to being one of the leading causes of injuries,” he added.

In fact, McMurchy said distracted driving contributes to more injuries in the province than impaired diving and speeding combined.

It can get quite costly as well, with fines for a first offence starting at $580.

“A second offence with within one year of the first will result in a $1,400 ticket and a week long vehicle impoundment, if you get a third distracted driving ticket within one year, that’s a $2,400 ticket and again a week long vehicle impoundment,” McMurchy said.



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