Learn the sounds of fire safety is the theme for Fire Prevention Week

A few seconds could be the difference between a safe escape and a tragedy when it comes to fire.

The theme for Fire Prevention Week is Learn the Sounds of Fire Safety, which is used to bring awareness to the different sounds that smoke and carbon monoxide alarms make.

There have been an increasing amount of fires this year in Regina according to Fire Chief Layne Jackson. “Both in the accidental and intentional sides, so we’re seeing some gradual increase in fires in buildings, both intentionally set and accidental. That of course highlights what we want to do here with Fire Prevention Week is to educate the public and bring awareness, definitely for those accidental fires.”

To test a smoking or carbon monoxide alarm, you press the test button and listen for a continued set of three beeps.

A single chirp every 30 or 60 seconds means the battery is low and must be changed. If the chirp continues after the battery replacement, then the alarm must be replaced.

For individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, Jackson says there smoke and carbon monoxide alarms available to them if they are unable to hear the sounds. “Some of the devices you can get, have a LED light in them that strobe, the alarm activates, there’s also a flashing light and those can be installed right in the bedroom and it can give some visual.”

On Saturday, the Regina Fire and Protective Services are encouraging everyone to test their fire and carbon monoxide alarms as apart of a city wide initiative.

You can send pictures of yourself testing your smoke and carbon monoxide and send them to Regina Fire and Protective Services Facebook or Twitter pages to eligible for a gift basket prize.

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