U of R and Royal Sask. Museum studying urban wild life in Regina.

The University of Regina and Royal Saskatchewan Museum will be teaming up for a new research project.

The project will look at urban wildlife, and what species call the city of Regina home.

Natural habitats like parks and rivers are common in many urban settings, Regina is no different.

“Urban environments are the fastest-growing ecosystem in the world and these areas are home to many wildlife species,” Royal Saskatchewan Museum Curator of Vertebrate Zoology Dr. Ryan Fisher said in a release.

“Regina has a lot of green space and wildlife habitat. Unfortunately, we don’t know a lot about how these animals are using these areas. We hope that this project will provide a benchmark of wildlife activity in the city and contribute to a longer-term wildlife monitoring program that can help us understand how wildlife changes as the city changes.”

There will be 15 sites monitored around the city for wildlife.

Trail cameras and audio recorders will capture what various species are living in the Queen City.

The sites will be active for several months, including October , January, April and June, to capture seasonal changes in wildlife activity.

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