Moosomin man facing attempted murder charges

A Moosomin man is facing 17 charges after an incident in the town Wednesday night.

RCMP say they received a number of complaints of a man driving a truck around the town, about two hours east of Regina on the Trans-Canada highway, in what was described as a “reckless manner” with one of those complaints saying their vehicle had been rammed by the truck before driving away.

As officers drove through town, they located the truck outside of a business. The man exited the business and pointed a weapon in the direction of police.

He then walked across the street towards a residence, verbalized threats towards police and an adult man who had exited the house. The man with the weapon then discharged it in the direction of the other adult man.  He was not struck or injured.

The  suspect then got back into his truck, left and then drove back again to the same residence, damaging multiple vehicles and other property. After that, he drove towards one of the officers on scene. The officer was able to avoid being struck by the truck. The truck then crashed into a boulevard, disabling it.

The man exited the truck and was arrested. One of the officers and the suspect received what were described as minor injuries.

A crossbow was seized at the scene.

Donald Bleau faces a total of 17 charges including attempted murder, assault and assaulting a peace officer.

He made his first court appearance Friday afternoon in Regina.

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