Provincial NDP feel there’s lack of clarity for businesses as vaccine passport program begins

As the vaccine passport program takes effect in the province today, the provincial NDP believe the Sask. government have left businesses scrambling.

Economy Critic Alena Young says many businesses are facing issues including staffing and equipment to ensure compliance.

She says the provincial government has failed to give clarity to businesses leading to the rollout of the proof of vaccination program. “We do not find what’s in the public health order until the day they dropped. When the Premier spoke two weeks ago he had the opportunity to make this information public to give people that lead time. This isn’t top secret information here, this is common sense and I think that it’s unacceptable.”

Liquor and cannabis stores were only notified days ago about changes that apply to them said Young. She says the government is creating a two tiered system. “Off-sales are not covered nor liquor stores contained within other retail stores they’re exempt from the public health order but cannabis shops and liquor stores are contained. To say that the public health order doesn’t make any sense to me would be an understatement.”

The government’s leadership has been very inconsistent according to Young. “I would like to see clarity from the government on vaccination requirements for employees in those businesses. It’s a hole that you can drive a truck through, within the public health order, I would like to some consistency in terms of how this is applied.”

On September 21, Young sent a letter to Minister Harrison who is responsible for the business support team looking for clarification for businesses leading up to the rollout of the vaccine passport program, but has yet been able to receive a response.

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