University of Regina receive $2.08 donation from Dr. Nevan Krogan

A member of the University of Regina alumni is giving back to the school in a big way

Dr. Nevan Krogan has pledged a donation of $2.08 million that will be used towards the Children of Haiti Project scholarship beginning in the fall of 2023. The children of Haiti Project scholarship will provide 10 students a fully funded undergraduate degree along with tuition, housing immigration costs and living expenses fully covered.

Dr. Krogan is happy to give back to the University as well help out the residents of Haiti. “This is a great place and I owe a lot to this place and I think this a great opportunity for the University of Regina to get ten of the best students from Haiti and obviously it’s a good opportunity as well to come here as well to get a great foundation so they can go off and do amazing things and hopefully long term and help out with the home country of Haiti.”

After visiting Haiti,  Krogan felt a connection with the country. “Haiti, really did strike a chord with me, it’s a great country, a lot of spirit, but it’s very poor and it’s in the Western Hemisphere so close to the United States which makes it more striking of how poor it is.”

Krogan believes the students are going to benefit from gaining an education in Regina “There also going to be exposed to a fantastic community, a very supportive community here in Regina, Saskatchewan where I grew up. They’re going to learn a lot and I think have a lot of fun and I think that the University and the province are going to very much enjoy having the students here as well, they’re going to embrace them as their own.”

After graduating from the University of Regina, Krogan earned his PHD from the University of Toronto before moving on to the University of California, San Francisco where he currently resides.

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