Saskatchewan launches proof of vaccine mobile apps for businesses and customers

Two apps have been launched by the Government of Saskatchewan for proof of vaccination.

The SK Vax Wallet will allow users to show their vaccination status against COVID-19 by displaying a QR code at a business that requires proof of vaccination, while the SK Vax Verifier app will allow businesses to verify vaccination status by scanning QR codes.

Vice-President of Programs and Technology for eHealth Saskatchewan Davin Church says while it’s an easy way to show proof of vaccine, it’s not the only way.

“Certainly it has benefits to showing an easier way to store your QR code and shows your vaccination status to the individual,” Church said. “However, the QR code is still available through the PDF or a screenshot from MySaskhealthRecord.”

Church says it’s not likely that the QR codes could be forged.

“There’s digital signature technology built in that is required to be in the QR code that is only known by very few individuals,” Church said. “In order for it to be a valid QR code, those digital signatures have to be within the QR code, registered, and understood.”

The apps are very simple to use according to Memories Fine Dining owner and operator Thomas Siarkos. He calls on other restaurants and businesses to do their part and follow the rules to ensure everyone remains safe.

“We didn’t protest when they (the provincial government) were shutting us down or anything like that, so why (would) this be any different?” Siarkos said. “Let’s move on. we need to put our province back on its’ feet.”

Both apps are now available on the Apple store for iPhone or iPad users, but not yet available for Android at this time due to a longer verification process for the Google Play store. Church says they should be available on both platforms in the coming days.

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