Regina Pats announce promotions to give back to frontline workers, charities during season

The Regina Pats will be saying thank you to local frontline pandemic heroes this season.

The Pats will be holding Gratitude Games throughout the season, as a token of appreciation for the work the frontline workers have done through the pandemic.

Pats Owner & CEO Shaun Semple says this is a small way to say ‘thank you.’

“(For) the Gratitude games, we’ll send 3,000 frontline workers — free of charge — to Pats games as a way of us saying ‘thank you’ for all they’ve done to help support the community.”

Semple says he is looking forward to the team entertaining the fans this season.

“Over those 104 years, the Pats and Saskatchewan people have marched on with the challenges, and always to brighter days,” Semple said. “We know the passed 18 months have been very hard on the community, (but) there are better and brighter days right around the corner, and with the start of the season, we’re all ready to march on.”

The Pats will also be holding We Care Weekday games throughout their Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday games this season. Semple says the Pats and Brandt will be looking to help out local organizations throughout the season.

The Pats and Brandt are committed to matching up to $220,000 in funds throughout the 11 games.

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