MIlestone School Opens Outdoor Classroom

The classrooms are no longer restricted to the indoors for Milestone School.

Today the school in Milestone officially introduced their newest addition, an outdoor classroom.

The classroom was an idea put together by the current Grade 5 class and for the past year the class worked together to make it a reality.  Miss Carson, the classroom’s Grade 4 teacher last year encouraged the students to pursue the idea and the students undertook several fundraising initiatives to gain the necessary funds to get the classroom up and running.

Cash Stephenson is one of the students who worked on the classroom and explains the idea began in 2020. “It all started last year in Grade 4 when we came up with the idea that we could build an outdoor classroom and we don’t have to wear our masks.”

Finn Brown is one of the students who helped make the classroom a reality and noted that the only they could make it happen was the efforts from the community. “It was only possible because of the wonderful people who donated and helped.  Some of the things we did for fundraising was raffle baskets, that people would donate, companies would donate things to put in them and then at the end of the month we would make one and do a raffle.”

Principal of Milestone School, Ferrah Graham noted the students were able to acquire several life skills that can carry on throughout the rest of their academic careers including communication, presentation skills, being able to arrange a project, collaborative efforts with fundraising, and learning critical thinking.

Westridge Construction was one of the partners that contributed to the project by providing hundreds of hours of labour donated to the school along with other resources.

Cash Harker another student of the class in Milestone is looking forward to leaving a lasting legacy, noting when he has kids, he will be able to point it out to them and say “Hey, I built that.”


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