Unsafe driving still an issue on Saskatchewan’s grid roads according to SGI

Driver safety on grid roads in Saskatchewan was SGI’s traffic safety focus for August.

SGI’s Tyler McMurchy says grids pose challenges, such as uncontrolled intersections, more wildlife and farm equipment.

“There’s also something a bit unique when it comes to impaired driving,” McMurchy said. “Of the fatalities that happened on rural roads, basically half of them involve impaired driving, and almost all of them are single-vehicle rollovers.”

McMurchy says in addition to policing back roads, officers handed out a lot of tickets for the big four offences last month.

“There were 5,458 aggressive driving or speeding offences, 418 impaired driving offences, 799 distracted driving offences, and there were 411 tickets written for somebody not wearing their seatbelt or having their child restrained in the proper car seat.”

He says they targeted grid roads because they don’t get the same attention paid to them as paved highways.

SGI’s traffic safety focus for September is impaired driving.


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