Stop Track Tragedies is the theme of this week’s Rail Safety Week in Sask

This week has been officially proclaimed Rail Safety week in Saskatchewan.

The ministry of Highways is reminding everyone to stay safe around trains and ‘Stop Track Tragedies.’

Highways minister Fred Bradshaw says rail transportation is vital in Saskatchewan.

He says railways make up a significant portion of the transportation network and are essential to the success of the Saskatchewan economy.

But he says if people are not aware of proper safety measures, rail also presents a potential danger.

Canadian Safety Train Express CEO Perry Pellin says Rail Safety week highlights the importance of stop, look and listen.

He says in difficult times, people’s attention is often elsewhere, and it is important to remember trains can come at any time and in any direction.

He says more care and attention is needed at railway grade crossings.

Saskatchewan has 13 operational, privately-owned shortline railways.

These operate on more than 2 thousand kilometers of track and connect to more than 6 thousand kilometers of federally-regulated track.

Motorists with questions or concerns on railway safety, signage and other issues are welcome to reach out to the highways customer service centre by phone or online.


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