NDP advises Sask. government to look to military and other services to assist with COVID-19

The provincial opposition would like to see the Saskatchewan government call in reinforcements to aid with the healthcare system before its too late.

The  NDP suggested the provincial government follow the lead of other provinces like Alberta who have made a plan to call in Canadian Forces.

Opposition Health Critic Vicki Mowat explains that the military can help out in many different ways. “It can be providing support including ICU support from medical nurses, it could also be logistical support, providing troops on the ground to just have extra bodies clean to provide supplies, to contact members of the community involve in contact tracing, involved in community contact.”

Mowat added that they have from many health care workers explain to them that the ICU situation in the province is in a dire situation. “Our ICU capacity is so close, where in fact we’re over capacity. We’re using children’s intensive unit beds to house adults, if there was a significant accident in our province, if they’re are folks that need to go into ICU, that capacity is not there for them”

Earlier this year Manitoba was in situation where they had to send some their ICU patients to Saskatchewan, Mowat is hopeful that Saskatchewan won’t be in a situation where they have to send ICU patients out of province. She also noted that by enlisting the services of the Canadian Forces that they could help patients out of province if that situation were to occur.

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