Regina NDP, Liberal candidates weigh in on local election losses

Tria Donaldson

After finishing second her riding of Regina-Lewvan, Tria Donaldson says he is happy with her campaign.

She adds considering she ran her first-ever campaign in the middle of a pandemic, she’s proud of the work she did.

“I’m really happy with the campaign we ran, with the ground game we built, and considering we were up against an incumbent, I think we did a really good job, and I’m excited to build on it next time,” said Donaldson. “We’re still waiting to see some of those advanced poll results, of course the mail-in ballots aren’t getting counted until Wednesday, but I think we tighten things up, and I’m pretty proud of that.”

She adds she really trusts people believe in the message of National NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh and believe he will make up significant ground in the next election.

Donaldson says, despite the loss, she plans to run again in the next election.

“I will be running again, it’s fun, surprisingly, but also the issues are so important that we’re facing as a country, whether that’s climate change, or reconciliation,” said Donaldson. “And I think these results show that there is a strong base of people in Regina-Lewvan that care about those issues, who want to see those represented in Ottawa, and I’m going to keep organizing on those issues, and hopefully next time we’ll get there.”

She says she’s proud to be an Indigenous voice for people in her riding, and vows even though there may not be an active campaign, she will be there for people in her community.


Sean McEachern 

It was a disappointing result for the Liberals Sean McEachern inside of the riding of Regina-Wascana. McEachern was defeated by the Conservative’s Michael Kram. In a province where the Conservatives claimed all 14 seats, McEachern was hopeful that he could provide a different voice for the people of Saskatchewan. “During my campaign I spoke with people about not only being in the room where the decisions are being made, but also for the opportunity to perhaps have some different voices from Saskatchewan. We need to move on as a province and looking at other options out there. There are other voices, opinions, values in Saskatchewan and unfortunately I don’t think those are being heard in Ottawa.”

While he didn’t claim a victory for himself, McEachern was happy to see the Liberals prevail with a victory, even with a minority government. He noted that one of the benefits of Justin Trudeau returning as Prime Minister is that 10 dollar a day child care policy that was recently introduced in Saskatchewan will remain in tact. “Conservatives have said they would scrap it. Now I’m happy to know confidently that it’s going to exist and it’s important program for families across the country and particularly in Saskatchewan.”

While the Liberals were unable to claim a majority victory, McEachern noted that calling an election is one of the risks in politics and is hopeful that a minority government can be able to work together.


Susan Cameron

In a written statement, Liberal Candidate for the Regina-Lewvan riding Susan Cameron says she is pleased Canada has elected another Liberal government. She also congratulated Steinley on his win, and commended him and fellow candidates for the work they have done and for the interest they have taken into politics.

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