Conservatives sweep Regina in 2021 federal election

For the second straight year, Warren Steinley will represent the Regina-Lewvan riding for the Conservatives.

Steinley says he’s glad to be back for another run as the Regina-Lewvan MP.

“I’m happy that we had a great campaign, we worked hard (and) we reached out to as many people we could on the doorsteps,” Steinley said. “We knocked over 30,000 doors, and we heard loud and clear that they don’t like the direction this Liberal government is going in and they would love to see a local MP that can stand up for them and always be on our side, and that’s our message and I think it was received very well.”

While he’s ready to get back to work, Steinley says it was a $610 million election no one wanted.

“The Prime Minister did this just because he wanted a majority, and Canadians saw through that,” Steinley said. “There is still a lot of accountability by strong opposition parties, and that should be a message to this Prime Minister that it’s not all about him, and he should be thinking of the Canadian people, and not just his self-interests.”

All three of Regina’s ridings went Conservative for a second straight election.


It was another dominating victory for Andrew Scheer in the riding of Regina-Qu’Appelle.

After thanking his campaign team and the voters in Regina, Scheer took aim at the Liberals Justin Trudeau. “There’s a very real sense that Justin Trudeau doesn’t just ignore Saskatchewan, doesn’t just ignore western Canada, but he outright attacks us. Whether it’s cancelling pipelines leading to hundreds of people losing their jobs right here at Evraz, or whether it comes to throwing in the towel at Keystone or ignoring the drought that was affecting agricultural producers.”

Scheer added that unlike Trudeau, he will continue to fight for the best interests of the people of Regina and Saskatchewan. “I want to assure the voters in Regina-Qu’Appelle that I will always stand up for your issues, I will always, always, put the priorities of this province first and foremost, always fight against the attacks on Saskatchewan and western Canada.”


After a surprising win in 2019, Regina-Wascana MP Michael Kram was re-elected Monday night by a large margin.

In an address to his supporters, Kram said this election proved his 2019 victory wasn’t a fluke.

“There have been so many people who have said our victory in this riding two years ago was somehow, some sort of a fluke,” said Kram. “But I think it’s evident, based on the results, that because of all of the hard work of the people in this room, Regina-Wascana is firmly in the blue column.”

Kram’s win was part of yet another blue wall in the province that saw all of the ridings in the province vote Conservative.

With national results being extremely similar to 2019, Kram says it shows the country is still divided on the key issues, something he and his colleagues hope to rectify next election.

“It shows that there is certainly a lot of frustration in Western Canada with the job that Justin Trudeau has been doing over the past six years,” said Kram. “I was hopeful that Erin O’Toole had found the secret formula to form government, but I guess that’ll have to wait until the next election.”

He says while they may not have control of the government, the Conservatives will do everything they can to fight for their constituents across the country, especially in Western Canada.

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