Regina residents asked to lend their voice to Transit Master Plan

The City of Regina is asking residents to have their final say in the city’s transit plan.

The Regina Transit Master Plan is being developed to ensure both transit-users, and non-transit users, are satisfied with the way the service operates.

Manager of Transit Administration Nathan Luhning says this is the second round of community engagement, with the aim of refining the plan.

“We had an engagement period earlier in the year, just to get peoples’ thoughts on transit, and what they would like to see improve in the transit system,” said Luhning. “So, we’ve taken some of that information away and developed these recommendations, so it’s important to make sure we’ve gotten that information correct, and get that feedback, so we can get this correct for our future planning of the transit system over the next 25 years.”

After over 1,700 people participated in the first survey, Luhning is expecting a decent turnout this time.

He says one thing people want to see is better frequency of buses in Regina.

“We’ve heard a lot of comments that people would like to have that ease of access and know that a bus is coming very frequently so they don’t have to plan their life around a bus schedule,” said Luhning.

To participate in the survey visit by September 28th.

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