SUMA posts wish list for Monday’s federal election

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association has a list of issues it wants covered in the federal election, including having a seat at the table for matters that impact the province’s hometowns.

That, from President Rodger Hayward, who says when it comes to things like infrastructure and RCMP policing, municipalities are the order of government that is closest to the people, so they know what is needed.

One of the key requests, Hayward adds, is a permanent doubling of the Canada Community-Building Fund, and a predictable growth rate that better reflects the economic growth and rising construction costs, so municipalities can continue to provide infrastructure residents can rely on.

SUMA is also looking for more work into the root cause for drugs and gangs, a coordinated response to mental health and addictions and helping to make communities more climate change resilient through federal government support.

Getting Saskatchewan’s natural resources to market is another issue.

Hayward says the province has been battling that for a number of years with no real improvements.

SUMA has a federal election hub where you can access information on how it relates to municipalities on its website.


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