Farney looking ahead to Monday’s election

The University of Regina’s Political Science professor says tomorrow’s election is still too close to call.

Jim Farney says a long list of things have happened during the campaign.

“If you think of our Covid announcements, Alberta’s, we had Afghanistan, there’s been a fair bit of stuff change,” said Farney. “And there’s been a fair bit of bouncing around in the polls too, we had that big Tory surge as people got a look of O’Toole, we’ve had the Peoples Party, kind of, finish well, as far as we can pick them up in the polls.”

Farney says he’s not expecting a Saskatchewan-sweep for the Conservatives this year, such as what took place in the 2019 election.

“In part because of some vote splitting on the right, but at the same time if you think just Saskatchewan, partly because of the leaders’ visits, partly because of the issues of the campaign,” said Farney. “I’m not seeing a massive energy boost for the other parties.”

While the People’s Party of Canada may cause some vote-splitting, Farney doesn’t believe they will win a seat across the province.

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