Haztech helping Rider fans show proof of negative test

Rider fans needing to show proof of a negative test before they can get into Mosaic Stadium for Friday’s  game can get a rapid test taken outside of the stadium.

Meaghan Grado with Haztech says they will be at Mosaic from 7 AM-7 PM Friday just outside the Harvard 620 lounge outside the stadium with a tent also available at Young’s Equipment in the city’s east end on Highway 1 until 11 o’clock Wednesday night with hours being from 7 AM-7PM as they look to make it easier for fans needing a test to get one and not get one done at the last minute.

Grado says it should take you about 15 to 20 minutes from start to finish. You will get your results via text message from Haztech which you can show along with a piece of ID to get inside the stadium.

Haztech plans on doing this at the stadium if all goes well for the remaining two home games in the regular season.

She is advising people needing tests to show up as early as they can to avoid any last-minute rush.

The cost of the test is $86

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