Regina business takes a stand against racism

A local business had to deal with an incident involving racism last week.

The pair of individuals who were responsible for damaging the memorial in honor of the unmarked graves of the residential schools at the legislature last week following the Protest to Protect rally, were spotted inside of the Pile of Bones brewery on Friday afternoon.

After making several customers uncomfortable, one of the owners Josh Morrison asked the pair to leave. The two individuals initially resisted, Morrison said the police were then called, the pair of protestors did eventually leave, but not after making threats and anti-Semitic remarks.

Morrison noted that in his line of work, he’s had to deal with plenty of unruly customers before, but he never had to deal with hate. He added that after meeting, he had a discussion with his business partners and Morrison said that they will not tolerate any of racism, Morrison’s statement was met with immediate agreement from his partners.

Reconciliation is a team effort according to Morrison. “Reconciliation requires positive action on behalf of everybody in this society. Morrison added “We all have to take positive action because reconciliation isn’t going to happen without a lot of effort from everyone’s part.”

Since the incident occurred, Morrison says he’s received nothing but support. ” The number of individuals, businesses from across Saskatchewan and even across Canada has been overwhelming and we’re so incredibly grateful that we live in a country that isn’t afraid to take a stand against this kind of racism.”

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