Meili says vaccine rollout plan is not working

The opposition party in the province believes the provincial government have spent too much time on the sidelines and now it’s time to get back to work.

NDP leader Ryan Meili spoke today outside the legislature calling for Premier Scott Moe to get back to work and figure out a better vaccine plan for the province.

The current vaccine rollout strategy is not working according to Meili. “Our vaccine campaign has stalled and it’s up to Scott Moe to do the work. In the last two days, we’ve had more new cases of COVID-19 than we had people getting vaccinated. We need this government to bring in the necessary public health order to advance this vaccine campaign.”

The NDP leader says the premier should make vaccines mandatory for health, crown corporations , government and public agencies employees in the province.

Meili believes incentives are something that the provincial government should consider. He notes that the mandates that were issued for places like universities and large scale events were effective. He adds that possibly offering tickets for events like concerts or Roughrider games could be a solution. He also mentioned about the possibility of a vaccine lottery could be an answer.

The provincial government released a statement earlier this week, stating that Premier Scott Moe would be updating the COVID-19 situation in province in the coming days.

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